introduction to sea kayak
The trip around Ibiza by kayak is for people who do not have necessarily any experience with kayak. They just have to be healthy, know to swim and have an open mind. The trip incluyes basic kayak knowledge: avoid capsize, stability, propulsion, balance, driving, go back on board in case of capsize, etc. The aim is to overcome any fear and enjoy the sport.

Material: lifejacket, flotation kayaks, support boat, first aid kid, etc.
Personal: kayak instructor and lifeguard

included material
self-draining kayak, paddle, lifejacket, waterlight bag (dry clothes), waterlight container (value objects), support boat, first aid kid, etc.

Breakfast and supper are not included.

during the day
unlimited water and energy bars

Those who want to bring more food can do it (cold meat, fruit, nuts, bread, tins,...) During the trip there will be several stops at a supermarket and, if the group wants, we will stop at places with stalls to have lunch there.
We include all the water need to make the trip.
During the trip you will be able to buy cold drinks at the stalls.

We rest in each one hostal. Better in Santa Eulalia, to be able to go each day with different transports (buses, taxis or particular cars).

sports & activities
these activities are not included, but you can practice them apart from kayaking. You can do: yoga at creeks, swim and dive in a transparent sea, hiking in the coastline, read in the beach at the sunset, etc...

casualty insurance
cover any accident occured during the trip by kayak in the sea. 
liability insurance