It is indispensable to be healthy, able to swim and feel like having fun.
You have to be up eighteen (we accept teenagers with her parents).
It is not necessary to have any previous experience with kayak or been a sportive person.

1- mat                                  if you can not bring your own mat, rent it for 5 euros, point it in booking
2- thin towel                       not a big one!
3- two swimming costumes or bikinis
4- plate, glass and cutlery    plastic or aluminium
5- torch and batteries
6- camera
7- antimosquito lotion
8- water bottle                    better opaque
9- sun cream
10- sunglasses
11- cap
12- 1 change of summer clothes
13- long sleeve and long trousers
14- adventure sandals        to walk through the rocks
15- diving mask and tube    if want to dive
16- toilet bag
17- old bagpack                 able to get wet
18- biodramina pills          if you get seasick, better with cafein
19- gloves to paddle         it is not required but recommended
20- pocket book                optional
21- pen
22- ID card and insurance card

You have to bring your own food: a solid breakfast and strong dinner, but a soft lunch. We include unlimited water and energy bars during the day.
Recommended food to bring: cold meat, fruit, nuts, bread, tins, etc...
During the trip there will be several stops at a supermarket and, if the group wants, we will stop at places with stalls to have lunch there.

material provided by vueltaibizakayak
kayak (single or double)
kayak paddle
life jacket
watertight container (1 per kayak)
watertight bag (q per kayak)
first aid kit
support boat

all the material you bring to the island but not to the kayak trip can be kept by vueltaibizakayak and return at the end of the trip