1- I have never practice kayak but I am healthy, is there any problem?
No problem. You can make the trip by kayak perfectly. The group gets adapted to all its members. Furthermore we have a support boat.
2- In which hostal or guesthouse close by and economical can I stay?
Hostal Sa Rota
calle sant vicent 59, Santa Eulalia    971 330 022

Hostal Santa Eulalia
calle sant jaume 97, Santa Eulalia    971 330 807

Hostal Central
calle sant vicent 24, Santa Eulalia    971 330 043

3- If I bring some food, which food is recommended to bring?
cold meat, bread, fruits, nuts, tins, etc...
4- Which is the payment procedure? Can I do a deposit?
You can pay by transfer or cash. We will explain the details when processing your booking.
5- The mat is to big to go on the aircraft without check in, which options do I have?
In VIK we rent mats for 5 euros per week. You need to point it while doing the booking.
6- What do I do with the luggages that I am not bringing to the kayak trip?
All the material you bring to the island but not to the kayak trip can be kept by vueltaibizakayak and return at the end of the trip.
7- When and where should we meet on the first day and at what time is the arrival on the last one?
On the first day we meet at 10 am at Santa Eulalia's beach. Just on Santa Eulalia's river (carrer d'es Riu 23, Santa Eulalia). On the return day we will arrive to the same place at around 3 pm, but usally it takes until 5 pm till we clean up, do the assessment, goodbyes, etc
8- Do we meet showers during the journey?
Yes, at some of the creeks we meet showers. 
9- How do I charge my mobile phone?
Those days are not for using the phone, so we must use it a little. In some stalls we may be allowed to charge them, but the best is to switch it off, or just switch it on a little moment in the evening.
10- If bad weather, what do we do?
With bad weather we can not paddle. Vueltaibizakayak will improvise a solution as shorten the way, restart further, do an excursion to a lighthouse or hippie market or area of interest around, etc. If we waste one day we will cover the distance by van. We will always propose those decisions to the group and reach a general agreement. 
11- How do we cross Ibiza's harbor?
We can not cross Ibiza's harbor by kayak, so vueltaibizakayak will pick up people by van and bring them to the other side of the harbor avoiding the maritime traffic.
12- If I do not practice any sport in my daily life, can I make the trip around Ibiza by kayak?
If you are healthy and have a positive mind, you can do it. We have a support boat.
13- I often feel dizzy in the sea, can I make the trip by kayak?
Yes, you can, bring the medicine you use for those cases. In case of getting dizzy in the sea, we will bring you to the closest creek by support boat.

14- what we do with mosquitos?
Bring a mosquito lotion.

15- which bus pick me up to Santa Eulalia from the airport?

everyday from 8 am to 11 pm, each 60 min
everyday from 7:20 am to 11:20 pm, each 60 min